Cohort 3

Yunia Palacios-Cuesta | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Yunia Palacios-Cuesta

Santa Marta, 30 de octubre del 2022 Señores: THE DOROTHY I. HEIGHT Global Leadership Academy Yunia Cecilia Palacios Cuesta, of legal age, a resident of this city, identified with citizenship card number 32772143, of Colombian nationality, born in the city of Quibdó, Department of Choco, resident in the city of Santa Marta. Politely and with […]

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Valencia Lynes | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Valencia Lynes

Biography of Valencia Lynes Born on January 19th, 1988, in Freeport, Grand Bahama to Brent Lynes, Portia Evans Roll, Valencia has been described by many as a woman of integrity, passion, creativity, family, love, purpose and vision. She received her early childhood education at Walter Parker Primary School and her secondary education at St. George’s High

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Tammy Wilder | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Tammy Wilder

Tammy Wilder is a native Georgian shaped by the love of family in all its forms, the chisel of time and the perpetual forgiveness and grace of her faith.  Tammy previously worked as a Family Therapist, helping families navigate the turbulent waters of teen pregnancy and parenthood, substance abuse, homelessness and even divorce. As Senior

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Tameika Isaac Devine | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Tameika Isaac Devine

Bio – Tameika Isaac Devine Growing up in a family dedicated to public service, Tameika Isaac Devine learned early on that we all have a role to play in making our communities better—and that if you want change, you have to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Tameika knew she wanted to make

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Simone Smith-Bean | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Simone Smith-Bean

Biography Simone Smith-Bean – Executive Board Member, Financial Secretary and Director of the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute. Simone Is the Owner and Managing Director of Smith Bean & Company Limited/ SBC Corporate Services Limited. Her specialty ranges from Civil Litigation to FinTech and Innovation Law.  SBC operates in three Countries, Bermuda, The Bahamas

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Selina Ayvivi | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Selina Ayivi-Tosuh

Selina Mawunyo Ayivi-Tosuh was born at Akwatia, the Eastern region of Ghana. She enrolled in the Biological Sciences program at the University of Cape Coast and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. After her bachelor’s degree, she performed her mandatory national service at the Center for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine (CSRPM), now

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Ruth Ebiasah | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Ruth Ebiasah

Ruth Ebiasah, PharmD, MS/HSPA Clinical Pharmacy Chief and Researcher Dr. Ruth Ebiasah is a first-generation, Ghanaian American, born in Washington, D.C. and raised in the DMV area. Dr. Ebiasah earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Howard University and Master’s degree in Health-Systems Pharmacy Administration and Leadership from The Ohio State University. In addition to

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Rosina Simmons | Bio | IBWPPI

Rosina Simmons

Rosina Ivery-Simmons is a native of Winnsboro, South Carolina. She has been married to Keith Simmons for 32 years. Mrs. Simmons has one adult son, Jailyn Simmons. Rosina and her husband reside in Clinton, MD. In 1997, she began her teaching career in Prince George’s County, MD. Mrs. Simmons’ experience began at Kettering Middle School

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Rachelle F. Rowe Smith | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Rachel F. Rowe Smith

Rachelle Smith is an accomplished business professional, originally from San Francisco, California, currently residing in San Antonio Texas. She works as a Health and Nutrition Sales Marketing Manager & licensed Realtor. Rachelle has demonstrated throughout her career the ability to drive results using a collaborative approach to business building through focused planning, and sales growth

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Nayila Moore | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Nayila Moore

Nayila Moore is a 2022 graduate from Howard University and currently is part of the IT Services practice at Spencer Stuart where she helps drive research efforts as a search analyst. Nayila also has a passion for visual art, and spends her time outside of work growing her art business. Prior to joining Spencer Stuart 

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Melissa Watson Ward | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Melissa Watson Ward

Melissa Watson Ward Melissa Watson Ward is the Deputy Affiliate Director for Emerge, where she collaborates with and provides support to the organization’s growing network of state affiliates. With more than 15 years of experience in community organizations, Melissa has dedicated her career to providing education, resources, and advocacy to decrease disparities and increase opportunities

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Mary Banguero | Bio | IBWPPI

Mary Banguero

Bio – Mary Cecilia Banguero Balanta My name is Mary Cecilia Banguero Balanta. I was born in the Department of Cauca, Colombia, on September 3, 1973. I came from a family with little to no money and grew up on a farm called El Gramal where I studied until the third grade of primary school.

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Maria Murillo | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Maria Murillo

Passionate, Hard Worker, Patience       My name is Maria Murillo. I am 58 years old, and I was born in Cali, Colombia. I am the youngest of 6 siblings, and we were raised by a hard-working father and a doting mother who did not have the opportunity to attend school as a child, but when we

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Kayla Mallett Bacote | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Kayla Mallett Bacote

Kayla Mallett Bacote, Philanthropic Program Offficer Kayla Mallett Bacote (she/her) is the daughter of Marcella, granddaughter of Inez and Janie, and great-granddaughter of Etta, Moriah, Dahlia, and Corena.  Her praxis is rooted in the spirit of collectivism, affirmation, shared resources, self-determination,  and jubilee – a reflection of  the practices espoused by her Grandmother Inez and other folks

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Janiah Miller | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Janiah Miller

  Janiah Miller is the Power Building Organizer for Political Campaigns at Black Feminist Future who leads the political campaigns HIVE and their steering committee that propels campaigns focusing on Black women, girls and gender expansive people utilizing a across the country and globally through movement and power building.  Janiah believes that Black feminisms creates

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Flora Gil | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Flora Gil

I am Flora Inés Perea Gil, I was born 56 years ago in the department of Chocó, municipality of Ismina. I am the daughter of a peasant father and a domestic worker mother Ernestina Gil Perea tarcisio Perea ibargüen farmer. Furthermore, I had two children. In 2007, my eldest son was murdered. At 18, I

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Fatoumatta Joof | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Fatoumatta Joof

My name is Fatoumatta Joof. I was born and raised in The Gambia, a small country on the west side of Africa. I am from the “Serer” and “Wolof” tribe. I grew up loving the art of reading and writing, leading me to choose English in literature as my favorite subject in school. My exposure

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Cassandra Tutt-Williams

Rev Dr. Cassandra LA’ Veda Williams Bio Cassandra L. Tutt-Williams is a Pastor, mother, and business owner of The Calvary Experience, LLC. She has become an advocate for spiritual and mental health in the black community. She works tirelessly to see that all black and brown people have the services that they may need to

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Amelia McKie | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Amelia McKie

Amelia Butler McKie is a founding partner and consultant a governmental relations and communications/public relations firm serving municipal, state and private agencies. Her passion is educational advocacy and community relations; her joy comes where those two worlds collide. She is also a journalistic wordsmith and enjoys creating written works of art; editing other entities’ written

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Belinda Auwumee | DIHGLA Cohort 3 | IBWPPI

Belinda Awumee

Belinda is an agile professional, possessing practical experience in Project & Stakeholder Management and Business Development. She is passionate about the power of the private sector to drive development, commerce, and sustainable solutions.​ Her project management experience comes from managing and coordinating team performance in the private sector with a focus on technology, construction and engineering. She has successfully completed

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