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Connecting and advocating for Black Women globally through acts of kindness and public policy.

IBWPPI Board members have traveled to and provides representation from: The Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Cuba, Ghana, Haiti, South Africa and the United States.
Congressional Black Caucus South African Embassy Gala by PMCDOUGALL | IBWPPI
Congressional Black Caucus - Gala at the South African Embassy
Bermuda Trip 2016 | IBWPPI
IBWPPI Bermuda Trip 2016
2020 Women's Retreat Atlanta, GA
A Journey of Unity and Mutual Support | Newsletter | IBWPPI
The inaugural People to People Trip to Ghana, Africa, was a beacon of unity and mutual support among Black women internationally.

IBWPPI's New Travel Program

People to People Travel Program​

Coming soon the announcement of our next trip!!!

Every other year, IBWPPI seeks to expand its representation by convening in a different country during the month of March. The women of IBWPPI believe that gender and cultural diplomacy are pathways to building bridges to greater understanding, fairness, and world peace.

Through cultural and gender engagement, women are leading the movement towards better environments for education, health, and wellness, economic security, and safety for women in the US and abroad.

Women's Retreat in Belize

Opportunities to Travel with Us

Annual Policy Forum

Each year IBWPPI serves as host to the convening of Black Women in Washington, D.C. during the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference. 

For the past 10 years, IBWPPI has assembled panels of women world leaders from throughout the Caribbean, Africa and the United States of America. These gatherings have focused on open dialogue that seek to educate the public on the status of Black Women internationally and how we can help to enhance their quality of life.

Belize-Annual-Conference | IBWPPI

International Conference

Since we began in 2009, IBWPPI has been committed to meeting Black Women where they are, by hosting gatherings and open dialogue on critical topics away from the Washington, D.C. area where we were headquartered for 10 years.

These convenings were elevated to small international conferences, held in “Little Haiti,” a predominant Haitian Community in South Miami, Fl., Belize, Bermuda and Nassau, The Bahamas. 

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Past IBWPPI's International Events

Board Members in Bermuda | IBWPPI
Board Members in Bermuda, 2016
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