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Bi-annual International Conference

Since we began in 2009, IBWPPI has been committed to meeting Black Women where they are, by hosting gatherings and open dialogue on critical topics away from the Washington, D.C. area where we were headquartered for 10 years.

These convenings were elevated to small international conferences, held in “Little Haiti,” a predominant Haitian Community in South Miami, Fl., Belize, Bermuda and Nassau, Bahamas.  Our planning for a conference in Ghana, Africa was officially cancelled, due to the Ebola outbreak and scare, that coincidentally never hit Ghana.

We are proud of the secondary benefits of these convenings.  They have brought us together with local women’s groups in other countries that we have developed strong relationships with and formal partnerships in some cases.

These conferences are intended to be held every two years, while our Annual Policy Conference has been held in Washington, D.C.  We are looking forward to resuming our International Conferences in person. 

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