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Who We Are

About us

Who We Are

Inspired by the legacy of Dr. Dorothy I. Height, Chair Emerita, National Council of Negro Women, Barbara A. Perkins and Ka Flewellen both made a decision to become advocates for Black women around the world and thus founded the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute. These women separately traveled with Dr. Height, Mrs. Perkins, in 1995 as a member of the NCNW delegation to the Beijing Conference on Women, and Ms. Flewellen in 1994 a member of the delegation to Cairo for the Conference on Population and Development. The women gained experiences that would become the foundation for IBWPPI.
BARBARA A. PERKINS M.A., PCC President/CEO, International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute
Ka-Flewellen | IBWPPI
Ka Flewellen
Co-Founder IBWPPI, Strategic Development Specialist

Barbara Perkins says, “The magic and beauty of working with women representing so many countries at the 4th World Conference on Women, in Beijing China, remains among the most memorable times in my life.” IBWPPI seeks to capture the same spirit of unity and connectivity as was present in Beijing. It was at this conference that the words of Dr. Height became an integral part of Barbara’s mission to always to seek ways to “lift women while climbing.” Dr. Height.

Reflecting on her life’s work, Ka Flewellen shared working shoulder to shoulder with international women in Cairo to change the US and international immigration policies to protect women moving and often fleeing across borders as migrants, workers, political and economic refugees or victims of disasters remain core to my commitment to social justice today. “We believe that everything we do locally, has an impact on our global vision.”

2 girls adopted by Barbara

President Perkins commits to two girls’ support for school, uniforms, meals, books.

2 Young Girls Adopt Barbara | IBWPPI

IBWPPI Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to connect and advocate for Black women globally through acts of kindness and public policy. Our Mission is to work in the US and internationally to convene hearings and discussions to evaluate the impact of current public policies and to initiate new policies that address the major threats to the well-being of Black women and our families.


  • The idea that networks of women can change public policy
  • A pipeline of women ready to serve in all levels of public policy-making
  • New patterns of global citizen participation
  • Global dialogue and mobilization between Black women as the catalyst for social change
  • Initiatives that work to cure HIV/AIDS and other forms of deadly viruses such as Covid-19

IBWPPI Focuses On: The Five Pillars of Our Work

  • Health and Wellness
  • Education
  • Economic Security
  • Eradication of Human Sex Trafficking
  • Violence Against Women

Our focus

  • Setting an annual public policy agenda that reflects the best interests of Black women globally
  • Eradication of modern-day slavery also referred to as human trafficking
  • Placing women as interns in government and policy institutions, nonprofit agencies, and community-based organizations where they will learn and gain experiences that will prepare them for becoming effective international advocates
  • The support of women’s health, well-being, education, safety and economic development
  • Major awareness campaigns that center on critical issues impacting women’s lives
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