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Annual Public Policy Forum

The International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute is the only public policy nonprofit organization, founded by Black Women, governed by Black Women for the issues prioritized by Black Women.

Therefore, we aim to provide rigorous research and the essential information to help address the plight of Black Women, throughout the diaspora. Each year IBWPPI serves as host to the convening of Black Women in Washington, D.C., during the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference. For the past 10 years, IBWPPI has assembled panels of women world leaders from throughout the Caribbean, Africa, and the United States of America.  These gatherings have focused on open dialogue that seeks to educate the public on the status of Black Women internationally and how we can help to enhance their quality of life.

We estimate the impact of these convenings to exceed 500,000 impressions on social media and direct reach. Covid-19 has been the catalyst for a broader online presence and, in fact, has provided a unique opportunity for IBWPPI to increase our individual membership from just below 300 to 500 in one year. 

IBWPPI has published 3 of 4 Policy Position Papers, and in October of 2021, we will publish the 4th and final Policy Position Paper to round out our Policy Agenda for the coming years.  IBWPPI’s Board of Directors has representation from 5 Countries and 11 major cities within the US.

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