Partnerships & Affiliates


Partnerships & Affiliates

IBWPPI facilitates partnerships with organizations that provide other programs to Black women and girls nationally and internationally.

We are conveners and policy influencers, who develop and implement initiatives that focus on four main pillars – Education, Health and Wellness, Economic Security and the Eradication of Human Trafficking.

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Black Women’s Roundtable

The Black Women’s Roundtable is an empowerment program from the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, a nonprofit organization that works to engage alliances between the United States and the African Diaspora that expands economic opportunities, gender equity, and education. IBWPPI has been a member organization with BWR for 10 years.

IBWPPI has worked with this international organization for five years and continues to find ways to work in collaboration to move forward with our common goals.

Bridge-To-Africa Connection, Inc.

A non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the belief that healthier women and children mean stronger societies. Investments in the health and empowerment of women and children are investments in the social and economic development of the communities in which they live.

IBWPPI has worked with this international organization for five years and continues to find ways to work in collaboration to move forward our common goals.

National Women’s Advisory
Council of The Bahamas

An appointed body established to advance women’s affairs and social matters in The Bahamas. The organization seeks to advance the status of women and improve the lives of women and girls. The organization serves as an advising group to the Minister on national and social events in the country.

IBWPPI has been an affiliate partner since 2019 and works in collaboration and support on projects annually.


Community2Community (C2C) is a 501c3 non-profit, service organization born out of the 2010 Haïti earthquake and dedicated to creating self-sufficient communities by working with the community, starting in Petit Goâve, Haïti. The Mission: mobilize resources to support the transformation of developing international communities into healthy, self-sufficient communities through the four initiatives of the C2C Haïti Restoration and Transformation Pilot Project (HRTPP) Health, Water & Sanitation, Education, Environmental Stabilization & Economic Development, offering the Haitian Diaspora and those with a heart for Haïti an opportunity to be part of something greater than themselves.

IBWPPI has worked with this international organization for 5 years in disaster response and prevention, particularly during Hurricane Matthew and Dorian, and continues to find ways to work in collaboration to move forward our common goals.

Council of African American Parents

The Council of African American Parents is a college preparatory model that focuses on academics, test preparation, study skills, cultural enrichment, self-awareness, and confidence-building beginning in the 6th grade until high school graduation. For 20 years, the CAAP has pursued and upheld its mission to “enhance the educational opportunities of students through academics, social activities, and cultural awareness” and has contributed to the academic success of over 2,000 students who have gone on to pursue many great higher education opportunities. 

Recently, CAAP served as the lead organization of the Legacy Roundtable Collaborative along with other California-based organizations and business leaders to develop a Summer Algebra Readiness Program. 

CAPP’s other major programs include the Personal Academic Learning System Program (PALS), Jr./Sr. Workshop, Reading Circle, Knowledge is Power College Tours, and the Educational Symposium.

Council for African American Parents and IBWPPI have shared interests and a commitment to supporting families through our education initiatives such as the Reading Room Initiative. We will continue to grow our partnership and expand opportunities for servicing the parents of African American Youth.

Mothers in Action

Mothers in Action is a Los Angeles-based social service organization with the mission to “improve the quality of life of the children and families in our community.” The organization was established by 7 phenomenal women following the 1992 civil unrest. 

Founders of MIA focused on causes including healthcare, education, welfare rights, domestic violence and civil rights. Today, with over 5,000 members, they primarily serve underserved at-risk youth and their families. 

One event MIA is known for is their Back to School Health Fair and Giveaway, which they did not fail to execute for students beginning their 2021-2022 school year in the midst of covid-19. 

There has been mutual support between IBWPPI and Mother in Action for 7 years. We will continue to find ways to collaborate and serve communities together.

Save a Girl, Save a World

Save a Girl, Save a World (SAGSAW) is a 501(c)3, multi-generational mentoring and esteem building program for young girls and young women from coast to coast. Their mission: “to serve as a female multi-generational mentoring organization that encourages and inspires college and high school students to pursue professional and personal leadership.” The program aids mentees in gaining focus and addressing real-world issues based on their Four Pillars: Health & Wellness; Financial Literacy & Wealth Legacy; Career & Entrepreneurship; and Lifestyle and Leadership.

IBWPPI has worked with SAGSAW for the past four years seeking to collaborate around mentoring the next generation of world leaders. We have created a pipeline for young women who are currently in college to work as interns and have provided opportunities through our Policy Forum for them to learn about how to create and advance public policy.


Health and Wellness

IBWPPI considers the contamination and lack of clean water a global health concern.

Haiti is widely considered to have the poorest water quality in the world. According to the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice on Haiti, “only 55.2 percent of the population has access to an improved water source, while close to 70 percent does not have direct access to potable water” (15, CHRGJ, et al). This is a global health challenge and one that the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute has embraced as a health policy issue.

IBWPPI has invested time, talent and resources through a partnership with Community2Community, a New York based nonprofit born out of the 2010, 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti, leaving over 300,000 people dead and 1.5 million homeless. 

Clean Water Sanitation Initiatives for Rural Haiti and in West Africa are high priority issues for IBWPPI. We have also adopted the village of Mampong Bunuso, in Ghana, where the lack of water and sanitation has resulted in consistent health challenges.


Supporting female entrepreneurship by providing access to capital, training and certification programs for public and private contracting opportunities. Protect and preserve government programs that support economically disadvantaged Black women-owned businesses. 

Consider sustainable development through increased participation in the green economy, micro-loans, cooperatives and enhanced relationships with financial institutions to promote self-sufficiency. Introducing women to new industries such as international trade, cyber security and other non-traditional industries that would enhance self-sufficiency.

Economic Security

We believe access to basic education is a fundamental right for Black women and girls. Our commitment and support for literacy has been demonstrated through our Reading Room Initiative, where we have established partnerships in the Bahamas, Bermuda and Ghana. Literacy provides a gateway to economic opportunities and prosperity.

IBWPPI supports public-private partnerships that focus on the professional and leadership development of adult learners including teachers. Sustained, intensive and quality coaching of educators will lead to improved educational quality in fragile school systems. 

 We are actively engaged in advocacy for education and legislation to support literacy rates as a key to unlocking a youth’s full potential.

Eradication of Human Trafficking

The International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute (IBWPPI) abhors all forms of human trafficking. While IBWPPI supports the elimination of all human trafficking, we particularly focus on supporting Black girls and Black women who are victims of this horrendous crime. 

We track and support legislation aimed at the elimination of human sex trafficking. We testify before state legislatures and the U.S. Congress in support of legislative remedies, and host forums, town hall meetings, workshops and events to raise awareness and funds to support victim services.

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