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Reading Room Initiative

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Reading Room Initiative

What is the IBWPPI Reading Room Initiative?

The purpose of the IBWPPI Reading Room Initiative project is to create a literacy enriched environment for youth of all ages to develop their reading skills, with an aim at combating illiteracy. The IBWPPI Reading Room Initiative Project is dedicated to promoting leisure reading as a key to unlocking a youth’s full potential.  

Our primary goal is to enable elementary, middle and high school students to improve their literacy skills. The Initiative will create a nurturing environment for youth to feel safe and secure as they develop their reading skills.

The reading room will be filled with hundreds of books for students to explore from a variety of authors, topics, and genres for all ages. The reading room can be located on a school campus, within a nonprofit organization or a location identified with a local partner.

Partner with Us in the Reading Room Initiative

What is the difference between an IBWPPI Reading Room and a library?

 In many domestic communities, students have the opportunity to visit the school library, most of the time spent in the library is devoted to curricula instruction, researching a subject or writing book reports. For many improvised countries of color and poverty, a visit to the library is often nonexistent or extremely difficult.  The IBWPPI Reading Room Initiative, allows at risk communities the opportunity to have high-interest reading materials. In addition, youth rarely have an opportunity to have their own reading materials in a classroom setting. IBWPPI Reading Room Initiative will give youth the freedom to select their own books.

Photos from IBWPPI's Reading Room Initiative Event

What is the process for implementation of the Reading Room Initiative?

IBWPPI seeks to partner with local schools or organizations that will serve as the main point of contact for the project in the country where projects will be implemented.  The contact person will remain in consistent communication with IBWPPI to update us on the needs and progress of the project.  When possible, IBWPPI will seek to provide books preferably in the language of the students.  Also, included in the project are additional educational support and supplies as agreed upon by the partnership. (computers, books, pencils and pens, uniforms etc.)

Currently, there are Reading Rooms in The Bahamas and Ghana.

Reading Room in Kumasi Ghana | Teacher and students | IBWPPI
Reading Room in Kumasi Ghana | Teacher and students
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