Cassandra Tutt-Williams

Rev Dr. Cassandra LA’ Veda Williams Bio

Cassandra L. Tutt-Williams is a Pastor, mother, and business owner of The Calvary Experience, LLC. She has become an advocate for spiritual and mental health in the black community. She works tirelessly to see that all black and brown people have the services that they may need to have a healthy family “Mind, Body and Spirit”.

Cassandra L. Tutt-Williams was born in Queens New York. She was raised by her parents Mr. John Henry and Annie Marie Patrick-Tutt. She and her siblings grew up in rural South Carolina. 

Cassandra L. Tutt-Williams was employed with the Department of Defense, as the Chief of Human Resources, and Calvary Counseling Associates, Co-Owner. She is the CEO and Founder of The Calvary Experience LLC, a non-traditional life coach, and spiritual advisor practice inspired by her late husband, Dr. Stephen Williams.

Cassandra L. Tutt-Williams joined Ashley Missionary Baptist Church.  In January 2008 she was elected as the Pastor of one of the oldest (111 years) in Summerville, SC. She is the first woman assigned to Pastor Ashley Missionary Baptist Church. Amazingly, history was made by a black woman in January 2008. This happened 40 years after Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech. God has given her a vision.

Cassandra L. Tutt-Williams is an executive board member of the following organizations: SEW 2 Grow Foundation President, Baptist Educational and Missionary Convention of South Carolina, Old Ashley Baptist Association, Boots 2 Heels, and a Centralized Moment: The Focus is You. She is very active with several organizations:  Eastern Light Chapter #360, Order of the Eastern Stars and Arabian Court #128, Daughters where she holds an appointment with the Imperial Court Daughters as a supporter for the Gladys M. Dixson Ministerial Alliance.

Cassandra L. Tutt-Williams will forever be a servant to her people. She believes that we the village must empower and enlighten our people to a higher consciousness and awareness. This must be done through those of us who are chosen to make a difference, not just where we live but throughout the world. Her grandmother taught her that she must be the voice of the muted, that advocate for the change that must come.

Rev. Dr. Cassandra L. Tutt-Williams is well rounded, well respected and a well-organized individual when it comes to implementing and supporting programs as a benefit for communities throughout Charleston County and across the State.


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