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Rachel F. Rowe Smith

Rachelle Smith is an accomplished business professional, originally from San Francisco, California, currently residing in San Antonio Texas. She works as a Health and Nutrition Sales Marketing Manager & licensed Realtor. Rachelle has demonstrated throughout her career the ability to drive results using a collaborative approach to business building through focused
planning, and sales growth strategies to achieve financial profitability.

Rachelle has always shared a passion for helping her community and recognizes opportunities to use her professional skills to enhance the lives of those in need. Family circumstances
caused Rachelle, as a child, along with her family, to utilize various types of government support options. Rachelle understands that many of the service options have changed over the years,
increasing the need for volunteer support.

Rachelle serves as President and COO of Queening in My Purpose (Q.i.M.P.), a non-profit service auxiliary group focused on mentorship and support for women and children. Rachelle
has volunteered with Q.i.M.P since 2018 and has served in various roles throughout the time. In each role, Rachelle has demonstrated versatility and commitment to the mission, vision, and
purpose. Additionally, Rachelle is the Chief Finance Officer of Fashion for Life, San Antonio, a 501c (3) organization whose mission is to bring awareness and lend support to survivors of
domestic violence. In this role, Rachelle is responsible for financial management and planning, budget tracking, leadership and ensuring the organization fulfills its fiduciary responsibility.
Rachelle is passionate about financial literacy, especially in under-represented communities where strategies and tools aren’t often shared, and emphasis is placed on “making ends meet”
vs. empowering the community to make informed and effective decisions that produce financial freedom and security. Rachelle’s volunteer service, which extends to other local organizations
as her schedule permits, has shaped her personally and professionally. Her dedication and strong work ethic has allowed her to thrive in dynamic and demanding environments.

When not working or serving the community, Rachelle enjoys traveling, reading, roller skating, and spending quality time with her family. Rachelle believes servant leadership, effective
communication and kindness are her keys to success.

Connect with Rachelle Smith on social media: @closewithrachelle; or by email at rachellefrsmith@gmail.com
Tel: (210) 837-8566

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