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Flora Gil

I am Flora Inés Perea Gil, I was born 56 years ago in the department of Chocó, municipality of Ismina. I am the daughter of a peasant father and a domestic worker mother Ernestina Gil Perea tarcisio Perea ibargüen farmer. Furthermore, I had two children. In 2007, my eldest son was murdered. At 18, I became a single mother. I currently live in the city of Medellín. I am a woman in a situation of forced displacement due to the armed conflict on three occasions in the city of Medellín.

I suffered two displacements through invisible borders. Likewise, I am an activist who defends the rights of domestic workers. I studied human resources. I currently have a project to continue studying business administration and organizational management. I am one of the founders of the Union of Afro-Colombian Domestic Service Workers. I am also part of the inter-union of the departmental board of care, I am also part of the peaceful route.

Currently, I work as a union leader in my union organization. I work in defense of the labor rights of domestic workers. I give labor advice ditto union training workshops the love to defend the labor rights of domestic workers has allowed me to focus more every day on what I want to continue doing because I started working at a very young age at 9 years old as a domestic worker. I worked all my youth and childhood without any guarantee. I was affiliated with an EPS I never had a decent salary. My labor or human rights in this sector were never recognized, and this has led me to work in defense of the women who are currently carrying out this work to make them feel proud. And they feel supported and that all the labor guarantees are fulfilled as human beings are and women fighters at present, I am part of the direct dialogues with the Ministry of Labor.

I was in the congress of the republic of Colombia in the dialogues for the implementation of the domestic worker premium law 17 88 states in the dialogues for the regularization of the hours of domestic workers the work schedule has also carried him hey We have been in the construction of the development plan with the new government of our country and with the vice president, Francia Márquez, we have 5 requests so that in these four years of the government they can work directly, which are the social dialogues, the labor reform, the formalization of health and safety at work.

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