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Mary Banguero

Bio – Mary Cecilia Banguero Balanta

My name is Mary Cecilia Banguero Balanta. I was born in the Department of Cauca, Colombia, on September 3, 1973. I came from a family with little to no money and grew up on a farm called El Gramal where I studied until the third grade of primary school. I am the daughter of divorced parents and have 7 siblings. 

Since I was 10 years old, I began to work in a family home in order to help my mother and survive, until I was 18 years old. Then I started a relationship with the one who is currently my husband and father of my 5 children. We left the Department of Cauca looking for a better quality of life for our families. With the support of my husband, I finished primary school and high school. Currently, we live in the Department of Meta – Municipality of Cumaral- Veracruz Inspection, and work for a company that cultivate palm oil. 

I am a brave person who fights every day for a better quality of life for equality for me, my race, my community and all of Colombia and the world. We fight for better wages and opportunities for women, to overcome the economic crisis that is affecting the country. I fight to ensure that equality is for all. I carry this fight in my heart.

My motto says “Without fights there are no victories. Victories were achieved by fighting”.


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