It’s Not Over… Resilience in Autumn


From The Desk of President Barbara A. Perkins
“Joy and Pain, is like sunshine and rain.” Words by the masterful songwriter Frankie Beverly in his 1980 release that continues to be an all-time favorite.
Greeting dear IBWPPI members and friends,
It is almost unbelievable that we continue to be in this almost unbelievable multi-crisis season in October 2021. Yet here we are navigating one
situation after another exacerbated by the tragic impact that COVID-19 has had on the world and on our individual lives. The physical and emotional scares are unavoidable. My beloved daughter Kelsey, said to me in a recent conversation, “mom, we are all walking
around here damaged…” Her comment made me pause for about a minute, waiting for an encouraging response to download. I wanted to give
her something back that would be soothing. I wanted to offer her back a
response that she could hold onto in that very moment to prevent that
statement and belief from penetrating more deeply inside of her
masterfully built, storm-resistant, beautiful body and soul.
Although we stand on the edge of this cliff called life, we can take a
healthy dose of inspiration from the little hummingbird that learns to fly,
knowing that our wings are being strengthen by instinct and practice, or
another way to put it, is that we are growing by faith and actions.
Eventually, the necessary skills we need to navigate life no matter how
difficult it seems now will be fine-tuned.
The economic crisis, the impact on our lives and mental stability due to
Covid19 with over 1.5 million deaths throughout Latin America and the
Caribbean and over 750 million deaths in the US, the instability of
democracies around the world, the increase of natural disasters such as
the second catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, the dehumanizing of people
for reasons such as their skin color and their situation in life, these are the
high-level challenges that can cause us to think, life is one long rainy day.
Then again, we are reminded by the words of Frankie Beverly, that “there
will be sorrow and that we will endure. Where there’s a flower, there’s the
sun and the rain. Oh, but it’s wonderful they’re both one in the same.”
Be encouraged today, you are among those who are practicing faith and
action. We at IBWPPI continue to lead the charge with supporting in
spaces and places where we can help and make a positive difference.
Thank you for standing on the cliff with us. Your membership is our fuel.