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Town Hall - A Raw and Real Conversation about Haiti

You are invited to join us for a power hour conversation about what is really going on with Haitians in America and in Haiti and most importantly what you can do to help.

The International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute has been an ally and partner organization working to support women and families in Haiti for the past 11 years. We began our humanitarian efforts there in 2010 and have seen the good and not so good, when it comes to genuine help and vetted organizations with Boots on the Ground in Haiti.

IBWPPI has an unique insight as a participant in the humanitarian space since we began helping families in Haiti in 2010. IBWPPI has witnessed the toxicity of the current policies towards Haiti, the exploitation of the pain of Haitian people and is committed to creating spaces to discuss actionable responses.

This Town Hall is for you if you have a heart for the Haitian people. This Town Hall is for you if you are a Haitian living in America and wish to help  your family back home. This Town Hall is for you if you wish to partner and join our efforts in going forward with helping women, their families, and communities in Haiti that need it the most.

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Date: Monday, October 25, 2021
Time: 5:30 pm EST. – 6:30 pm  EST.
Cost: Free



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Barbara A. Perkins

President/CEO International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute

MarieYolaine Toms | founder of C2C | Board Director, Haiti | IBWPPI

MarieYolaine Toms

President/CEO Community2Community (C2C)
IBWPPI Board Member

Coralie Adderley, Director, Bahamas | IBWPPI

Coralie Adderley

Director of Global Engagement and International Affairs, IBWPPI


Geraldine Pamphile, 2021 Policy Fellow IBWPPI

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