What Do We Have to Be Thankful For?


From The Desk of President Barbara A. Perkins
It is Fall, a season of thanksgiving. One might ask, with the endless traumatic turn of events since March of 2020, for what do we have to be thankful? I would answer, the list of things to be thankful for is also endless. We have survived and navigated the disruptive and deadly grip of Covid-19 for 21 months. The fact is many of us are thriving despite the chaos and stress exacerbated by Covid-19.
As an organization led by a distinguished Board of volunteers, we are experiencing extraordinary growth. Our efforts to promote Acts of Kindness as a fundamental requirement of good public policy have caught the attention of people worldwide, including you. For this we give thanks!
In 2021, through our Dorothy I. Height Global Leadership Academy, we trained seventeen women to be global leaders and expanded their views on how
important their voices are in making a positive impact on the world. The
leadership bench is deeper now, because of our dedication to the next
In 2021, we witnessed double digits, thirteen healthy babies born in the Cordelia Sutherland Birthing Center in Kumasi, Ghana, because of our support and adoption of the only clinic in a community where the infant and maternal
mortality rates are extremely high.
In 2021, IBWPPI completed a full year of aid and support to families wiped out by hurricane Dorian on the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama. We maintained direct contact with fifty families and provided much-needed financial support and other support for one year following the devastation the hurricane left behind.
In 2021, although extremely difficult, we continued our 10-year commitment and advocacy work to help women and families in Haiti. We have witnessed the increasing difficulty that Haitians are facing, and we have not given up.
Certainly, you will agree with me, that there are endless reasons to be thankful. A final big reason the women of IBWPPI are thankful is the fact that you continue to believe in the work that we are doing. You continue to support us through your membership, gifts, and other expressed acts of kindness towards us.
Continue to thrive, continue to be safe, and continue to pull together!
In Peace and with Thanksgiving,
Barbara A. Perkins