IBWPPI Gives Back to Black Women on Giving Tuesday!


From: The Desk of President Barbara A. Perkins

I am writing this note to our IBWPPI members, supporters and family, who make up our beloved community. The beloved community includes those who Dr. King referred to as promoters of justice, equal opportunity and love for one’s fellow human beings. Those individuals understand the collective responsibility we have to look out for one another including those who are disadvantaged.


Black women and girls continue to be disproportionately at risk for a number of societal ills, yet we also continue to lead and show up for one another. We continue to be the advocates for justice, equality, love and respect. We refuse to allow compassion to be lost, while hate insinuates itself where it is not wanted. We refuse to allow fear to override love and so we step up in the face of fears. We, Black women, are the loyalists that change the trajectory of nations and apply forgiveness while in the midst of pain.


My note to you this month is to say thank you. Thank you for the unprecedented support through your membership and connections with us and our work. Even in this most difficult year and COVID-19 environment, your membership has encouraged us. Without a doubt we do best when our membership is infused with passion and enthusiasm to be of service to our community. Therefore, my ask of you for this Giving Tuesday is to 1) simply renew your membership with IBWPPI for 2021 and 2) sign up for our happy hour happening on December 1st at 7:30 pm ET.


Your membership cost is .28 cents a day. This $100 annual contribution allow us to build a powerful coalition of supporters in the US and aboard.


Again, thank you for a safe 2020 and I look forward to a brighter 2021. Continue to be well and be safe.


In Faith,


Barbara A. Perkins

IBWPPI Co-founder and President