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Simone Smith Bean

Financial Secretary, Bermuda

Simone Smith Bean is the Owner and Managing Director of Smith Bean & Company Limited. She specializes in Civil Litigation, Corporate Administration, and Family Office Planning.

She studied at the University of Tampa and obtained her Associate of Arts Degree in Government and Word Affairs. She obtained her Bachelors of Law Degree from the University of Buckingham with Honors. She successfully admitted to the Bar of England and Wales in July 2008. She is a former associate of Lockhart & Co. (formerly Lockhart & Munroe) resident in The Commonwealth of the Bahamas and Charter Chambers Bermuda Limited, in the Islands of Bermuda. She was appointed to the Human Rights Selection Committee of Bermuda in 2014. She has also been a member of Toast Masters International since 2007. She is the wife of the former Leader of the Opposition Progressive Labour Party the Honourable Marc A.R. Bean J.P., M.P. Through her platform as the wife of the Party Leader, she has been able to start meal programs to serve deserving families in Bermuda. Her most recent community-based project is “We Care” a charitable appeal designed to address child poverty in Bermuda.

Simone and Marc have four lovely Children between them.

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