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Bring awareness to the need for this space for black women and girls around the world


It will create a space for all to learn about the history of Black women


We need a worldwide platform to support women.

Mrs.McCann HightowerUnited States

We must secure the future for other black women to have a space and opportunities to exceed!

Mrs.PerkinsUnited States

It\'s time for the world to see and value the impact of Black Women all over the world.

Ms.NewkirkUnited States

Black women have been the driving force behind many initiatives for human rights in the US and across the world. It is time that the Black woman is properly protected as she navigates society\'s that do not support her.

Ms.WoodwardUnited States
Ms.FikesUnited States

Black women deserve a space to be centered and supported in advocating for, and building community around that which pertains to our humanity.

Ms.NicolasUnited States

This is great!

SignatureLastCountryI support this because...
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