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SignatureLastCountryI support this because...
Mrs.Lane PorterUnited States

Women are power.

Ms.BranchUnited States

Supporting Our Women is vitally important to me…

Ms.davisUnited States

I support this campaign because Black Women are the only demographic that society has placed in the position of being only a support to others. they are rarely the focus of research and study and remain the most unprotected group on the planet

Mrs.HigdonUnited States

It represents me and all the women that have paved the way for countless others to be successful and relevant.

Mrs.MillerUnited States

I am a Black woman

Mrs.CharlesUnited States

I support his campaign because I believe the upliftment an impairment of black women all over the world.

Mrs.McDanielUnited States

I support this campaign because it is necessary for Black women.

Ms.SawyerUnited States

We need to focus on our strengths

Ms.Wright-ChisolmUnited States

I support this campaign because I believe any project that supports Black Women coming together serves as a base or foundation for us to nurture and expand our influence across the domains o

Ms.WrightChoose Country

I’m love our organization and there is a need for US!!

Ms.KiddUnited States
Mrs.BoydChoose Country
Ms.GuidryChoose Country

I support this campaign because I want to see black women win through the support of other black women!


I support Because it\'s the first ever dealing with Black women issues

Ms.WoodChoose Country

As a black woman I feel it is important that we have a global place of refuge to conduct or business and have a place to gather.

Mrs.JacksonUnited States

It signifies and embodies the need for a space for strong, educated, and drive for social justice of black women.


Representation matters. Black representation matters more because of the backdrop against we have been positioned. Black women representation even more so.

Dr.Lewis-MosleyUnited States

The voice and action and agency of Black women has been the foundational change agent in addressing Social Justice Concerns.

Ms.YoungChoose Country

First and only Black Women’s Embassy in the world.

Mrs.JulesUnited States

This is the time for an embassy of this type that is a safe haven for black women globally. A place where where are voices matter

Dr.BattleUnited States
Ms.LanierUnited States

I\'m inspired by the leadership and legacies of Black Women!


Black women need policy around the world to make a difference

Mrs.AgoroChoose Country

It is important for Black women

Ms.RobinsonUnited States
SignatureLastCountryI support this because...
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