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Dr.HonoreUnited States

I direct a health policy honors program for medical students and would like to introduce more Black Women medical students to policy.

Dr.KelleyUnited States

There is a need for Black women to have and occupy a space of personal focus, dedicated to their needs, agenda(s), policy that supports and elevates their lives so they may pursue their vision, mission and goals.

Mrs.McCann HightowerUnited States

If We Don't Do it... Who will?

Mrs.Moore LeeUnited States

This project is long overdue! Black women need this safe space for recognition, support and upliftment.

Ms.SalvaryUnited States

It will be a great space dedicated to empowering black women and their progress

Ms.WashingtonUnited States

I support this campaign because I believe in the vision

Mrs.Wright-ChisolmUnited States

As a women and more so as a black women, I believe it is critically important that we stand for and support women all over the world. We must take a stand now so that the future of our young black women will not be diminished or overlooked. STAND!

Mrs.McFadden-LawsonUnited States

We’re building the next generation of global leaders, focusing on service, equity, and transformational leadership.

Ms.McDanielUnited States

A Black Women's Embassy is necessary to bring black women together from all spectrums to discuss and brainstorm issues and opportunities specific to black women. The embassy will be a safe place for Black Women. A place of learning and growing.

Ms.brownleeUnited States

I would love to support a Black Women's Embassy because of the importance to showcase our women. Thank you Barbara A. Perkins for your leadership.

Mrs.SimmonsUnited States

I support this campaign because black women have contributed to the Sciences, Medicine, Government, Education, Civil Rights Movement, Women's Suffrage, NAACP, Christianity, and serving the community. Our work should be highlighted in an Embassy.

Dr.AndersonUnited States

I believe we need a space to connect with each other that has no borders.

Ms.JonesUnited States

I support this campaign because Black women are the only group holding up this fragile Democracy.

Mrs.Lane-PorterUnited States

I support this campaign because black women are powerful, and we deserve the honor and praise from the WORLD and a place to showcase what we have done for society and in history. Thank YOU, Denise Lane Porter.

Mrs.WeillUnited States

I support this campaign because I believe in the empowerment of all women.

Ms.SAINT JAMESUnited States

A BRILLIANT concept - CELEBRATING the MAGNIFICENCE of Black Women globally -
and an uplifting spiritual retreat.

Ms.WoodwardUnited States
Ms.RobinsonUnited States

I support this campaign because it's needed, it will make a difference in women's lives around the globe, and I know the leader and her commitment to excellence.


I support this campaign because it's important for women of colour to showcase their achievements and present themselves to the next generation of leaders through the world. There are so many areas that black women have excelled in.

Dr.LongUnited States

The world needs more excellence

MissGaspardUnited States

Black women are the backbone of the world and must be protected for the survival of the human species. Having an embassy will be one step in making sure there is a dedicated safe place because we deserve Love & protection…period.

Mrs.Lane PorterUnited States

Women are power.

SignatureLastCountryI support this because...
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