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Ms.StultzUnited States

I support International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute(IBWPPI) because not only are they connecting, advocating, recognizing and awarding black women globally, they have included the black men who publicly praise and uplift all black women.

Dr.MurphyUnited States

The unified power and synergy to impact change, provide resources and education, empower women and creating a powerful global community are critical today and I want to be involved in preparing women for the future.

Dr.WillinghamUnited States

I support this campaign because now is the time to recognize, elevate, and commemorate Black Women. This embassy would signal a welcoming of Black Women around the globe! We need a place like this to stay and to collectively think together

Ms.Tolbert JonesUnited States
MissMcKenzieUnited States
Ms.MaysUnited States
Dr.NicholasUnited States

This is so, so needed!

Ms.AlstonUnited States

I believe all black women deserve a voice and a entity advocating for our needs around the globe.

Mrs.CarperUnited States

I believe in having an Embassy for Global Women in DC, where world power is located. I have two potential locations that I mentioned to Ms. Perkins on Sunday night's zoom call. Ms. Jones’ text # was wrong. Pls contact me, at 571-437-5644.

Ms.CookUnited States

I believe in and support us.

Dr.NelsonUnited States

I support the creation of our own embassy because the intersection of our identities makes us face unique challenges that require global perspective.

Ms.BensonUnited States
Mrs.NicolasUnited States
Mrs.Gillum SamsUnited States

Because Black Girls ROCK, and we deserve a seat at every table and in e wry Boardroom.

Ms.LawlessUnited States
Dr.JonesUnited States

I love being a Woman! I love being a Black Woman! This is AMAZING!

Mrs.BennettUnited States

I support the organization because we must support each other. We must collectively build together to protect each other to make change.

Mrs.BennettUnited States

I support this organization because we as black women must come together and support, collectively build together to build that community for ourselves

Ms.ColemanUnited States
Ms.WilliamsUnited States

I support full spectrum doula care.

Ms.LeviegeUnited States

This is an excellent program for black women.

Mrs.ECHEUMUNAUnited States
Ms.PerryUnited States

Of the leadership of president Barbara Perkins

Mrs.Dupont-WalkerUnited States

Black women have been the advocates and nurturers for all of humanity. It is our time to tell our story and celebrate the legacy that is ours.

Ms.ColemanUnited States

It is important for Black Women to raise each other and recognize that we are the ones we've been waiting for.

SignatureLastCountryI support this because...
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