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Cohort 1, 2021 – Accra and Kumasi, Ghana, South Africa
Cohort 2, 2022 – Washington, D.C. – U.S.A.

The Dorothy I. Height Global Leadership Academy (DIHGLA) is in its second year having graduated 35 successful students with excellence.

One of the coveted experiences offered by the DIHGLA is the opportunity to experience a Seat at the Table, where graduates are given the opportunity to sit and have conversations with high-ranking global leaders and change makers in a designated country. Then aided with this information, use it to make a difference in their community and world.

In July of 2021, the first cohort of graduates was given the opportunity to travel to Accra and Kumasi, Ghana, South Africa. The group was hosted by the Queen Mothers of Accra headed by Paramount Queen from Osudoku, President & Queen Mother, Greater Accra Region. The purpose of the trip was to expose up-and-coming women leaders to our collective history and vibrant culture.

IBWPPI’s policy agenda includes the Eradication of Human Sex Trafficking, Health and Wellness of Black women, Economic Security, Education and Violence Against Women.  For the past seven years, IBWPPI has worked with women in Ghana and South Africa to establish meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships. We have launched projects in Kumasi, with Bridge to Africa Connection Inc. and have adopted schools, a village, and a new birthing clinic. These projects are literally saving lives and providing opportunities for women and girls that are life-changing.

The delegation also had the opportunity to sit in a forum hosted by H.E. Secretary-General Wamkele Mene, Secretary-General, AfCFTA Secretariat to discuss opportunities for trade between the USA and Africa.

The graduates and the other members of the IBWPPI delegation stated that their ancestry connection was deepened and the overall experience life-changing.

On June 24, 2022, the second Seat at the Table was held in Washington, D.C., on the premises of the African Mission to the United States under the guidance and leadership of Her Excellency Hilda Suka Mafudze. Our graduates were able to sit with Ambassadors of Africa to the United States and conversate on matters related to the health and well-being of women of African descent.

May you be motivated and challenged to become an agent of change in your space. Our next session starts in January 2023.

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“What I expected but completely not what I expected. While I touched different soil, inhaled different air, soaked in different water, interpreted different tongues and danced to different rhythms one thing remained consistent: “At the end of this journey, we go back to where we came, and, regardless of our apparent differences, we are the same”.

As I looked into the eyes of my Queen Mother she spoke of her village with pride and humility and as I looked into the eyes of the children, they each yearned to not only be seen but simply loved.

It did not matter my language, it did not matter my sex, all that mattered was whether there was room to understand and be understood.

I listened to a King whose language was unknown to me but I understood every word without a translation .….I spoke with a child who spoke no English but with a single cluck of his tongue, our conversation was powerful…..I made music in the market with a colorful vendor on an instrument which was new to my eyes and it was a performance felt by all those present.… My hands glazed over new and interesting fabrics that contained symbolic and hidden messages which I was able to spiritually interpret……I. Beat. Drums. My travel to Accra and Kumasi was not only culturally enriching but a strengthening of my soul.”


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