The IBWPPI Virtual Policy Forum was a Success!

The 12th annual IBWPPI Policy Forum was a success! We thank all of our attendees who came together for a powerful dialogue over the course over five hours. Over 170 people participated in the event and heard from leading subject matter experts who spoke on topics that include Health, Economic Security, Global Leadership and Human Trafficking. We want to hear from you about your thoughts on the event.

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Session Spotlights

See a few special quotes from our powerful speakers: “Acts of kindness is the foundation of good public policy,” IBWPPI Co-founder and President Barbara A. Perkins said. “Economic security is not simply a matter of our head and intellect, but it is a matter of the heart.” “I believe we need to strive for more women in water, which will give us an even greater variety of ideas and possible solutions,” said Gloria Gray, Chairwoman of the Metropolitan Water District. “Standing up for a higher degree of diversity and inclusion in the water space is an area of passion for me.” “What has to happen as part of empowerment and real genuine inclusion of women means really looking at your policies and programs on a state basis or country basis and looking at how these impact women,” said the Honorable Paula Cox, Former Premier & Finance Minister to Bermuda. “What some of us have tried to do is be gender responsive but pure gender budgeting still has a ways to go.”

L to R: State Director Heather Hutt for Senator Kamala Harris; Sr. Director Blue Shield of California Kellie Todd Griffin; Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer for RWJBarnabas Health Michellene Davis; Hon. Karen Bass


LaTosha Brown opens the forum with the National Black Anthem
L to R: South Africa Business Leader and Philanthropist Dr. Judy Dlamini; Western Center on Law & Poverty Executive Director Crystal D. Crawford Esq.; Former Premier & Finance Minister to Bermuda Hon. Paula Cox; Chairwoman of the Metropolitan Water District Gloria Gray

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Stay tuned for the release date of our upcoming paper on Black women’s economic security.

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