Healing and Action in the Era of COVID-19


From The Desk of President Barbara A. Perkins

As an organization that advocates for Black women in the United States and abroad, our constituency consists of mothers, aunts, grandmothers, daughters and sisters that have been disproportionately affected by police brutality and unjust killings of Black men and women.


We are heartsick over the inhumanity and lack of regard for Black lives, but we are encouraged by the global movement for justice, equality, peace and liberation of Black people. With daily protests taking place around the world, there has been a reawakening and opening of the American consciousness. We are now called to reimagine our criminal justice, economic, education and public health systems and our response to global climate change. Intersectional issues require intersectional solutions, and Black women hold a unique vantage point in creating progressive change.


IBWPPI stands ready to advocate for Black families and bold policies that will bring fundamental structural changes to our society. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exposed the deep-seated issues that have left the most vulnerable behind. We call for healing and action as we work to coexist in this land of democracy. 


In the coming weeks, we plan to host policy conversations, release our official policy agenda and expand our leadership development of the next generation of leaders. Please let us know how we can connect our policy and community engagement work to your respective organizations.  You can e-mail us here .


We ask that you stay engaged, stay encouraged and stay hopeful. Join us today in the work. We can use your hands, hearts and talents. We invite you to accept our free membership offer for the rest of this month.


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In Faith,

Barbara A. Perkins