13th Annual Policy Forum Recap

13th Annual Public Policy Forum | Virtual Event | Thursday, Sept 9 | 10 am to 2 pm | IBWPPI
Thank you for attending the 13th Annual Policy Forum hosted by the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute yesterday, September 10, 2021, on the Zoom platform. Your attendance contributed to the success of the event. The active engagement in our chat rooms, questions, and the time you spent were all greatly appreciated. In the coming days, there will be portions of the event uploaded to our YouTube channel and uploaded onto our website for you to revisit and review. For those guests who registered, but were unable to join us, you can see the entire program on Facebook. We are looking forward to bringing you more events such as this in the coming months and will reach out to you for feedback and your participation. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Thank You

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