Cynthia Heard | Chief Operating Officer for the Los Angeles Urban League | Board Director | IBWPPI

Cynthia Mitchell-Heard

Director, CA

Cynthia Mitchell Heard has over 30 years of experience in nonprofit executive leadership, management, government, philanthropy, community, and corporate engagement. Cynthia Mitchell Heard has been an intricate partner in the field as a nationally acclaimed social impact strategist, coalition builder and philanthropic change agent.

As a strong C-Suite executive leader, Cynthia has worked to develop exemplary models to break through economic barriers to create systemic change for marginalized communities both locally, nationally and internationally.  She has provided guidance to our local and national political leaders and corporate executives to focus and design fundamental concepts and strategies that focus on changes for communities, children and families who live in disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout the country.

Currently, she serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the Los Angeles Urban League building economic stability, entrepreneurial, educational and workforce development access for marginalized community. Working to revitalize and strengthen African American and communities of color.

During her tenure with the YWCA of Greater Los Angeles she developed a myriad of public/private, state, local and federal partnerships to fund “state of the art” program services and operations throughout Los Angeles County. Her efforts assisted with promotion of economic stability through social services including workforce development and community engagement to improve our most vulnerable at-risk communities. More importantly, increasing the visibility, sustainability, advocacy both legislatively through public /private partnerships and stakeholders.

In 2020-2021 Cynthia Mitchell Heard masterfully worked diligently to secure the call to action securing a record-breaking funding in response to extraordinary economic, healthcare, housing, educational and food insecurity demands precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

She has helped to build and secure funding for acclaimed collaborative initiatives, public/private partnerships, educational partnerships and innovative programs also focusing on at-risk and foster youth throughout Los Angeles as well as in women and children economic, health and educational policy and programs in Belize, Bermuda and Bahamas.  She has worked across party lines using legislative advocacy to focus on new avenues to break down the barriers of injustice that surround at-risk youth and families.

Cynthia received her Bachelor of Art in Psychology from the University of Southern California and went on to pursue her Master’s degree from Howard University in Washington D.C. She continues to work diligently to facilitate social and economic changes within at-risk communities throughout Los Angeles County and across America. In 2018, she joined the New Strategies Global Social Enterprise Initiative Team.

Cynthia serves as a Board Member on the California League of Women Voters, International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute (IBWPPI), University of Southern California Black Alumni Association and the KIS Foundation- Sickle Cell as well as many advisory roles foster youth organizations.


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