Tshombe Buckman

Tshombe Buckman is an airline industry veteran with three decades of working in progressive roles at American Airlines. Most of her career was dedicated to internal auditing and regulatory compliance. She was part of a team of five that developed the company’s Internal Financial Controls Manual, as well as curriculum for cross-functional departments; which resulted in an 85% increase in overall compliance. 

She is passionate about making a difference. She found value in working with diverse leadership and front-line team members from all over the world, which manifested in her active role in various Employee Business Resource Groups.  

She led many initiatives that promoted diversity, inclusion and equity. The most impactful program was the “I Am American” campaign which highlighted the cross-culturalism of the largest airline in the country for World Diversity Day. 

Tshombe is also active in the community. She works closely with The Charlotte Post Foundation which provides services to uplift and empower people in underserved communities by providing after-school programs for elementary children attending Title I schools, facilitating community convening sessions to discuss issues impacting at-risk communities, and providing scholarship programs for African American students. 

She also works closely with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. She played a critical role in the success in the Pink Sunday initiative. Pink Sunday focused on educating women of colour on the importance of mammograms and early detection of breast cancer, as well as empowering women to advocate for self-healthcare.

Tshombe is a longtime resident of North Carolina, earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Finance) from North Carolina Central University.


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