Thai Buckman | DIH GLA Graduate of 2021

Thai Buckman

Thai Buckman is the Program Coordinator at VSEDC South LA  Best Buy Teen Tech Center, an affiliate of The Clubhouse  Network. She is committed to helping youth discover their unique path to success. She joined The Clubhouse Network as a Mentor Coordinator at  EXPO Center, where she quickly flourished in building mentor-mentee relationships, creating content for programming, and establishing new partnerships.  

Thai is a team player that quickly adapts to new learning environments and continues to move forward in the face of adversity. When COVID-19 first hit, and closures were mandatory,  Thai was the spearheading catalyst to move youth programming completely virtual, launching the first Teen Virtual Program for  EXPO Center.  

As an Executive Officer of Sisters Involved In Linking Knowledge (SIILK), a non-profit organization, Thai has been instrumental in fundraising initiatives to support annual youth scholarships for minority students. She has been on the committee for SIILK’s  Teen Leadership Conference since its inception in 2017 and served as a producer and co-chair of SIILK’s 2020 Teen  Leadership Conference Digital Festival. 

Thai has traveled the world extensively and is passionate about writing, film, editing, and learning new technology.


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