Taylor Newkirk

A Prince George’s County, Maryland native, Taylor has made her mark as a social justice advocate in places like New Jersey, Georgia, Ireland, and her very own DC-Maryland-Virginia tri-state area. Taylor has worked with middle school and high school students in mentor and teaching capacities and has increased her passion for education reform primarily for students of colour and students from low-income backgrounds. As a Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Taylor takes pride in reinvesting her growing knowledgebase and experiences into communities she immerses herself in while promoting the adolescent pursuit of higher knowledge. She recently received her Master of Public Policy from the University of Maryland College Park, co-owns a natural hair product business (Back 2 Roots LLC), and works with the International Black Woman’s Public Policy Institute as a policy fellow where she has been given the opportunity to work closely with board members and other notable women.


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