Felicity Richlove Ashun

Felicity Richlove Ashun has over 12 years of experience in the areas of Administration, Human Resources, Banking Operations, Treasury Management, Procurement and IT. My current role as the Head of Administration and Human Resources and the Banking Operations Department of MGI Microfinance Limited has given me the rare opportunity of applying all my skills and knowledge to lead a team of competent employees to help bring financial support to so many households, most of whom do not have access to such support. 

My career journey began in Kumasi (Ghana) where I had my first official appointment as a Loan Processor at MGI Microfinance Limited. Over the space of ten (10) years, I have grown through the ranks and led the treasury and investment management of the company whiles managing the activities of various departments in the company. As Head of Administration, I took over the management of the IT and Procurement Departments liaising with the Heads of IT and Procurement and led a team of skilled individuals in the installation and management of the current Rubikon system; a banking software. As the Head of the Banking Operations Department in 2014, I ushered in the Banking Operations activity of the Bank. Prior to the role of Head of Banking Operations, I held the positions of Cheque Administration Lead and Treasury Manager and in my current position since 2016.

Through my hard work and dedication, I played a major role in growing a sister company, 2M Express Limited from a transport company with only twenty (20) vehicles to eighty-four (84) vehicles in two (2) years. My main management skills are evident in all my activities as I am strong-willed and firm in decision-making. 

I strive to someday run a successful business that can touch the lives of as many people as possible while also achieving excellence. Success, however, measured, brings me so much happiness.


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