Fadzai Thelma Mafudze

Fadzai Thelma Mafudze is a Zimbabwean currently based in Maryland. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International relations & business and she also holds a Master’s degree in International business and management. She is a seasoned resource acquisition and business development expert with work experience spanning over 7 years. 

Her background in socio-economic development, specializing in country partnerships with multilateral development and financing institutions has moulded her business interests and her need to help develop an independent and sustainable future for Africa. These experiences have helped her attain well-horned economic development strategies, and networking skills, combined with a thorough understanding of development issues in Africa in general. Her interests are in creating an effective economy for private sector work and small-medium-sized enterprise development in developing economies. 

She is a firm believer in doing what makes one happy and content. That transitions into her day-to-day work and activities. Having been consumed by the entrepreneurial spirit from a young age she has successfully started her own businesses in small scale farming, skin care products and accessories as well as a baby clothes company in partnership with her younger sister. In addition, Her value of assisting others to better develop themselves and their environment has catapulted her into assisting rural women to create passive income by farming honey in their surrounding areas.

Outside of work, she is a new mom to an amazing 4-month-old baby boy and a crossbred German shepherd puppy named Marley. She loves to travel and she hopes to get to do more of that with her mini-me this year.


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