Chantal Blanc-Charite

My name is Chantal Blanc-Charite and I am a nineteen-year veteran the in the healthcare industry. I am a well-versed Administrative Assistant with vast knowledge of Project Management, strategic planning, and leadership. 

Having worked in healthcare for such a long time and recently transitioning to a psychiatric facility, I am a firm believer in “service above self” as this makes a difference between life and death in my field of work. I have worked on, and am currently involved in various projects in the redevelopment and enhancement of our healthcare institutions, as this is an ever-changing arena.  

I hold two certifications in project management (which has become my love and passion), healthcare management, office administration systems and recently in leadership. I am keen on always learning and evolving, hence my currently pursuing a BA in Management. 

I am a wife and proud mother of two beautiful boys, an avid reader, and a lover of music and travel. I live life by my motto: “that which not kills you, makes you stronger, we are built Ford tough”. I believe that whatever life throws at you (good or bad), you use that experience and the lessons learnt from it to propel you forward and grow. 

As a black woman, I believe in ‘black girl magic” in every facet of the phrase. We love, we lift each other up when one is down, we complement each other, we fight for one another, we embody femininity, we stand beside, stand for and stand in when necessary for each other, we educate and respect each other because we are magic. 


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