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Black Women's Embassy
Capital Campaign Project

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IBWPPI is campaigning to build a center, highlighting the Excellence of Black Women. 

VISION: A distinguished building that would be a home to intergenerational Black Women regardless of where they are from.

IMPACT: First and only Black Women’s Embassy in the world.

MISSION: IBWPPI Capital Campaign Project

BUILDING: Washington, DC or Atlanta, GA Headquarters, designed for mixed use, private residential quarters for international guests, high tech conference space, retreat and training space, museum like atmosphere show casing a variety of artisans and more.

GROUNDS: A place for nature’s beauty to be on display with an intentional focus on the importance of green spaces and outdoor appreciation.

Your support will set the foundation for future generations!

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Black Women's Embassy Petition

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SignatureLastCountryI support this because...
Ms.STEPHENSUnited States

Worthy cause

Dr.McMillanUnited States

We owe this to posterity. Black women deserve and need this global connection and presentation.

Ms.DawsonUnited States

It is time to lift our voices!

Ms.LongUnited States

It is important to support the advancement of women around the world.

Mrs.Glenda A GillUnited States

It’s necessary based on our contributions to the world

Ms.EversleyUnited States

We need a safe space where we can be heard and seen and supported.

Ms.GastonChoose Country

We need a safe place to highlight the needs, concerns and achievements of black women.

Ms.GillUnited States

It’s time for black comes globally to be united on common issues and goal’s

Ms.CookUnited States

It's imperative that Black Women create safe spaces to heal, teach, learn and grow together.

Mrs.ThomasUnited States

I support this campaign because it provides an opportunity for women to place themselves at the center of our own lives, locally, nationally and internationally.

Mrs.HarrisUnited States

It will provide an ongoing space for Black Women to create and build frameworks for continuous learning and engage in life affirming dialogues.

Ms.DupréUnited States

It’s necessary for us as Black women to have a dedicated space to share Black women’s contributions to humanity.

Ms.LongUnited States

I Sam in support of this campaign because I support Women’s causes and believe that Black women have specific and particular reasons for needing a global welcoming headquarters!

Ms.VictorinUnited States

I get it... It is essential for women of African descendant to own their own space...

Ms.RiceChoose Country

I support because this is a wonderful initiative. Black women need spaces where they are safe and seen. I love it!

Ms.BradshawChoose Country
Ms.ButlerUnited States

Black women need a safe space to learn and focus on growth and outreach. To increase the impact of our understanding.

Mrs.JamesonUnited States

I am a black woman who recognized the importance of have a safe place.

Ms.SeayUnited States

Black Women all cross the world will have a place to call their own to convene.

Ms.BushUnited States

This inspired vision needs to become a reality! We NEED this!

Ms.McKenzieUnited States

I am a black woman and I want a safe space that supports all black women.

Ms.Webb de MacíasUnited States

The time has come to provide a megaphone for Black women’s voices.

Mrs.Reddock-WrightChoose Country
Ms.EarlUnited States

The contribution and needs of black women are unique and should be highlighted in this way.


Bring awareness to the need for this space for black women and girls around the world

SignatureLastCountryI support this because...
Reason for signing...

Support the Black Women’s Embassy
Capital Campaign Project

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About the Campaign

President, Barbara A. Perkins, Co-Founder of the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute announced at the UN CSW 65 Conference on March 16th, 2021, the launching of a major capital campaign by IBWPPI to build the first Embassy for Black Women globally. The vision is to design and construct a magnificent building in our nation’s capital or Atlanta, GA where Black Women from across the world would be welcomed to take a Seat at the Table. This 3 to 5-year campaign began with a call for the first 100 women to become Seed Growers by donating $1000 before the end of 2021.

A couple of months ago, Ms. Perkins was giving a speech during International Women’s Day at the invitation of the National Women’s Advisory Council of The Bahamas. The planned address did not include anything about the Black Women’s Embassy; however, it was there that she made the first public announcement. Immediately following that televised announcement, she made a call to the Board of Directors of the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute, under whose governance the Embassy Project will be built. They are all IN.

The Black Women’s Embassy will be built in Atlanta, Georgia, the cradle of the civil rights movement or Washington, D.C., the gateway of power. It will be an unmistakable symbol of Black Women’s contributions to humanity. It would be in honor of our foremothers, who carried, nurtured, and prayed over so many dreams deferred. This symbol of beauty would connect our rich past with our hopeful future. In solidarity, we are confident that this big dream is realizable.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

~ an African Proverb

This dream is asking us to go further than we have ever gone before. This dream is about our collective legacy for generations to come. Regardless of where little black girls are in the world, this dream includes them. Our daughters, grand-daughters, sisters, nieces, and goddaughters will know that we were thinking of them with this big dream.

The plan is built on a simple principle “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” Dr. Maya Angelou. IBWPPI is asking you to do both. Sow a seed of $1,000 dollars first, and then encourage another to do the same. We are asking 100 women such as yourself to sow the first $100,000 dollars for this project. Doing this says, you see the vision and will commit to making it a reality. The Seed Growers will always be a special group in the center of all that will happen in the Black Women’s Embassy.

  • FAQs and Important Facts About the IBWPPI | Download PDF
  • More information to come.

Support the Black Women’s Embassy
Capital Campaign Project

By making a donation

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