Membership Engagement, International Partners and Affiliates Coordinator

The International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute (IBWPPI) is seeking a qualified individual to lead its membership, partners and affiliates activities. The ideal candidate is a college or graduate student, retiree or professional seeking gainful employment in a part-time capacity. Please take a moment to review this job description and learn more about our organization and programs by visiting our website at

About the Organization:

The International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute (IBWPPI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization led by a collective of inter-generational women leaders representing the interests of women in countries throughout the African diaspora. The women who make up IBWPPI are committed to IBWPPI’s vision of enhancing lives globally, through acts of kindness and good public policy.

Currently, the organization has representation in the Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Ghana, Haiti, South Africa, and the United States. Every two years, IBWPPI seeks to expand its representation by convening in a different country.

Your Role:

As Membership Coordinator for IBWPPI, the successful candidate will oversee all aspects of managing, engaging and recruiting members, international partners and affiliates to support the mission and growth of the organization. As a host who serves as the liaison between the organization and our members, IBWPPI is seeking a talented individual to perform administrative tasks, manage membership and Black Women’s Embassy events and activities, and work with Board members to drive the expansion of our membership base. The Membership Coordinator will report to the President or Director of Programs of IBWPPI to provide the following support:

• Refresh IBWPPI’s existing membership engagement and intake processes.

• Recruit National and International Partners and Affiliates.

• Create an annual engagement calendar for IBWPPI.

• Design a membership strategy to ensure effective outreach and engagement at all IBWPPI events and activities as well as design a digital strategy to recruit new members.

• Support the marketing, outreach, PR, and stakeholder engagement that will be essential to achieving IBWPPI’s and the Black Women’s Embassy mission and strategic objectives.

Your Responsibilities

IBWPPI requires a self-motivated, detail-oriented, creative, and strategic professional to fulfill the
following duties and responsibilities:

• Handle all questions, information requests, and complaints regarding membership, International Partnership and Affiliates engagement.

• Process membership applications, renewals, and resignations.

• Maintain and update membership records.

• Assist with member communication activities.

• Manage the monthly newsletter by writing, collecting, and organizing content into the existing

• Work with social media and Communications group to provide consistent updates on all

• Collect data, tracking membership statistics, and preparing reports.

• Develop and implement strategies to recruit new members.

• Coordinate with the accounting department to track membership revenue.

• Prepare membership marketing materials for all social media platforms.

• Organize events and activities for existing and prospective members.

In addition to the tasks described above, the successful candidate will be expected to take on additional tasks which may include added events and outreach activities to ensure the success of all IBWPPI membership efforts.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

• Highly organized, detail-oriented individual with a minimum of three years of experience working in a professional government, nonprofit, business, or corporate environment.

• Confident, focused individual with exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

• Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite

• Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and manage multiple projects in a timely manner.

• Ability to travel nationally and internationally to support the needs of the organization.

Preferred Skills

• Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience in administration or management within a nonprofit organization, business, government, or private industry.

• Events management, creativity and/or graphic design skills are a plus.

• Second language and/or cross-cultural competency.

Work Location
Virtual with in person meetings as needed.


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