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Commencement Ceremony

2nd Inaugural Cohort Commencement of the Dorothy I. Height Global Leadership Academy (DIHGLA) - June 25, 2022

| 2022 DIHGLA Graduation | IBWPPI

A Seat at the Table

Photo Gallery

Meet our 2022 graduates

Myriam Mondestin Sorrentino | Cohort 2 | DIH GLA | IBWPPI
Myriam Mondestin Sorrentino
United States
Teshieka-K-Curtis-Pugh | DIHGLA COHORT 2| IBWPPI
Teshieka K. Curtis-Pugh MSN, RN, CMSRN, RN-BC, NPD, CRRN
United States
Yonelle-Moore-Lee-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Yonelle Moore Lee
Tshombe-Buckman-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Tshombe Buckman
North Carolina
Tinee-Furbert-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Tinee Furbert
Taylor-Newkirk-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Taylor Newkirk
United States
Shanice-Battle-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Shanice Battle, MPH, PhD
United States
Margie-Scott-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Margie Scott
South Carolina
Karen-Wright-Chisolm-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Karen Wright-Chisolm
South Carolina
Felicity-RichLove-Ashun-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Felicity Richlove Ashun
Fadzai-Mafudze-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Fadzai Thelma Mafudze
Bridgette-Rahming-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Bridgette Rahming
The Bahamas
Brianna-Smith-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Brianna R. Smith
Tiffany-James-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Tiffany James
South Carolina
Nnenna-Lloghalu-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Nnenna Onwuzo
Annie-McDaniel-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Annie E. McDaniel
South Carolina
Chantal-Blanc-Charite-DIH-GLA-IBWPPI - image adjusted
Chantal Blanc-Charite
The Bahamas
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