Connecting and advocating for Black Women globally through acts of kindness and public policy.

Young Ambassadors

Who are the Young Ambassadors?

IBWPPI’s Young Ambassadors are industry leaders and game-changers. They are resilient in their approach to advocacy and public policy. They are motivated by the legacies of women like Dr. Dorothy Height, Mary Mcleod Bethune, and the illustrious women who make up the IBWPPI Executive Board of Directors. These women are pioneers, dream chasers and promise-driven leaders. They are committed to living beyond themselves, and to creating change that will outlive them. They are the women this generation has been waiting for. They are mothers, sisters, entrepreneurs, professionals, and powerful agents of global change. The women of the YAP have answered the call to lead by service and example. YAP was launched in the spring of 2016.

What do the Young Ambassadors do?

* Commit to representing the vision and mission of IBWPPI in your own professional activities outside of the organization

* Serve on one committee dedicated to executing IBWPPI’s four pillars

* Participate in all YAP quarterly membership calls and meetings

* Actively participate in the planning and execution of at least one board-led activity per year (ex. Hats for Hope, Annual Policy Forum, etc.)

* Attend either the international annual conference and/or the annual policy forum in DC

* Have a valid passport at all times

* Commit a minimum of 4 hours a month to YAP

How do I become a Young Ambassador?

* Women of color, ages 25-45 with a demonstrated passion for service and leadership pertinent to Black women’s issues as evidenced by community service, or work in their individual careers/professions

* Preferred two years post-undergrad professional experience pertaining to the organization’s mission and vision, or demonstration of international interest

* Be innovative change agents with unique talents and skills that will further enhance IBWPPI and YAP

* Must have attended at least one IBWPPI event prior to being invited and be familiar with the mission, vision and values of IBWPPI

* Nominated by currently active and dues-paying YAP or IBWPPI Board members and approved by the Board President

Chief Ambassador

Nicole Benton is the newly appointed Chief Ambassador for the Young Ambassador’s Program. Nicole is a mental health counselor, organizational leader, and social change agent. She has been a Young Ambassador for the past two years, and served on the 2018 YAP leadership council. Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience to the YAP and is excited to serve IBWPPI in this capacity. For more information on the Young Ambassador’s Program, please email us at

2019 Young Ambassadors

Nicole Benton

D’Shawna Bernard

Micah Brantley

Carleen Brown

Chanelle Brown

Brittany Caldwell

Gloria Coulanges

Jazzmine Dowtin

Yunice Emir

Maleena Lawrence

Vanessa Leon

Channell Mellish

Raven Morgan

Taelor Nicholas

Kelsey Perkins

Ebonee Rice

MarieYolaine Toms

Whitney Turner

Cortney Walters

Sesheida Young