Connecting and advocating for Black Women globally through acts of kindness and public policy.

Who We Are

Barbara-with-Board-Members-2---need-yearIBWPPI is a 501c3 nonprofit organization led by a collective of inter-generational women leaders representing the interests of women in countries throughout the African diaspora. Currently, there are 22 women who make up the collective, representing the Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Cuba, Ghana, Haiti and the United States. Each year we seek to expand the representation, by convening a gathering of women in a different country during the month of March.

The women of IBWPPI believe that gender and cultural diplomacy are pathways to building bridges to greater understanding, fairness and world peace. Through the use of cultural engagement, women are leading the movement towards better environments for education, health and wellness, economic security and safety for women in the US and abroad.